6 Weeks

Our little Bina had her 6 week checkup last week and is looking good and gaining weight. Up to 8 lbs already and is now 21 inches long! Still wearing her newborn clothes, so that's been fun as we have loads of wonderful gifts that she's been able to get good use out of. Who am I kidding, we hardly put her in clothes ever, no need in the warm weather and she seems to like it better anyway...but we get an outfit or two in each day, until she vomits all over it, then it's back to the more 'natural' look for B.

Bina June Barlow - 6 weeks
I'll be updating more soon, just wanted to say hello to the 2 who read this and let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just have been in a dazed fog for the past 6 weeks and am just now beginning to remember where the coffee kettle is.

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  1. I check this everyday for updates!! I miss you and love you and your beautiful family!!!


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