2 Months

Well, time is absolutely flying by! Bina is 2 months old today! We're slowly getting into a routine and she's doing fantastic. Plenty of ups and downs, but overall, things are up, up, up! She's hitting some very pleasant milestones and is becoming more of an interactive part of our lives instead of just a bobble-head that stares cross-eyed and blankly at whatever happens to be 2 inches from her face. Although that was a cute stage, exhaustion and busyness made me completely forget the entire time and I'm excited to be moving forward now. She recognizes people, voices and objects and makes Jabba-the-Hutt faces when she's not interested in eating. She is sleeping for slightly-longer intervals and is doing great with tummy-time, lifting her head and batting at her toys. She absolutely adores her daddy and acts on top of the world when she's with him.

I thought this was a cute idea, to photograph your child each month for a year as I've had a couple of friends suggest it. I missed a newborn shot, so started with 4 weeks. Here is one and two months.

2 Months
1 Month

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  1. Yay! So glad you're writing things downa dn marking the time with photos. What a great chair to capture how she grows :) Now let's see some more close up pictures of that adorable doll baby face! You're doing great mamasita!!!


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