Guilty Pleasures

So one of the strange things that keep us connected with our roots of being American is spending our precious time watching awesome shows like 'Seinfeld' and most recently, 'American Idol.' So cheesy, we know. (hey, Ben's the one that actually records it so he can watch it if we're gone) It's fun to see some God-given talent shine each week and cheer for our favorites while sometimes boo-hissing the judges.

It's taken 9 years of my influence, living in Texas for 5 years and having some amazing southern friends to get Ben on board with fantastic country music, so much so, he even downloaded Scotty McCreery's album before a recent road-trip. He knows the way to my heart. :) All that to say, we weren't cheering for Skylar Laine this year, the spunky country gal reminiscent of Reeba; but we did give Colton Dixon our international heart vote. Unfortunately, Colton was eliminated last week, but he did make it to the top 7 and we will be buying his album whenever it comes out.
What was so great about Colton? Um, what wasn't? He didn't even try out this year, he was there supporting his talented sister, who was eliminated early on. The judges asked him to audition, so he did, and he was amazing. He gives all his talent-credit to God and talks openly about his relationship with Jesus. His performances were incredible and when it was all over, he didn't lose heart. Just talked about being thankful and making music from now on...then he went out with a BANG! What sort of bang? Well, changing the lyrics of a song to make it a worship song, on stage, in front of millions and millions of viewers all across the entire world. What?! Now that takes guts. It also helps that he 'looks pretty when he sings' according to J-Lo, which I totally agree with.
If you have time, check out Colton's final performance of Lifehouse's 'Everything' on American doesn't do his voice justice as he was full of emotion, but it shows his heart and his grace. He gets on his knees and tells the world that 'God, you're my everything.'...tears for this one.
Colton, you had my vote. That's all I'm going to say about this Guilty Pleasure.

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