Babies Babies Everywhere!

No. We're not pregnant.
Yes. Everyone we know is either pregnant or had a baby this year.
I think we'll look back at 2010-2011 and declare it a baby boom. Even the televised news here in Brisbane is talking about the 'boom' and how it's an all time record for the percentages of pregnancies in the entire area. I'm working for a girl on maternity leave right now. I nearly get run-over by strollers on the sidewalks every day. It's fun and exciting as we get to be part of so many families as they attempt this giant responsibility for the very first time. Fun for us as we can watch from a distance and enjoy the easy part and let the parents take care of the hard things. I think it would be stressful to be a mom right now, it seems there are so many 'do's and don'ts' that no matter what you do someone will be angry about it. Give new mums a break would ya? They're doing the best they can and hello, we all turned out fine and they didn't even invent half the crap they have today when we were tots. Heck, my mom put soft blankets in a drawer and let me sleep contently because they had not come out with the 'pack-n-play' just yet.
Being an Aunt (and Uncle) has been on of our most favorite titles ever and we get to continue the trend with the coming of another one early next year, just in time for his/her daddy to come home safe from Afghanistan. With the boom comes the realization that some families just cannot have children of their own for whatever reason and I know it's not easy. I've lost count of dear ones who have struggled or lost children they always believed would be part of their lives, some stories more tragic than others, but all painful. We shouldn't forget these families as we continue to celebrate the joy of others.
With all the babies, you'll notice the DoodleTrain store has been full of baby-themed items. This is merely because that has been my number one freelance request over the years from personal clients. It's an easy way for me to post the extras I have lying around as an inexpensive way for moms to customize their own idea. And as always, the proceeds go directly to the SheRescue home here in Brisbane to help Cambodian girls out of the sex traffick industry.


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  1. That's so true about the baby boom! My four closest friends and my sister have had a baby in the last eight months, and two more good friends will deliver before the end of the year. I thought it was just an oddity in my life, but I guess this has just been the year for babies!

    Your baby shower invitations are precious. What a wonderful talent you have! -Cyndi


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