Hello backyard!

Driving to our destination!
I don't like anything about the city. Well, I like that I can walk to work...(but not the smells or strange things I usually step in on my way.)
I don't like the noise, the smells, the lights, the crowds, the traffic, the expense, the busyness, the rudeness...what can I say, I'm a country girl. I miss the stars and the sound of crickets. I haven't seen a lightning bug since I lived in Michigan. I haven't been able to go for a run without stopping for cars, bikes, busses, etc. in months. So just about when I've had enough, we venture out of the city and I'm reminded of all the things I do like about where we live.
Last weekend we had enough, so we went to a little beach that turned out to be a huge blessing and reviving of our nature-loving souls. It was a beautiful place and because it's the middle of 'winter' here, not many people go to the beach. The nights get a bit chilly, but really, 25C sunny days were the best we could hope for when we lived in Alberta, so this is like summer to us. It is whale season right now, where the humpback whales are in migration, so I was hoping to see one. We saw more than one. We watched whales surface, jump, play for hours. We saw one blow right in front of a fishing boat. We watched one go straight into the air and it was taller than the sailboat next to it and probably just gave a heart-attack to everyone on board. I've never seen anything like it. They were too difficult to get photos of, so we just enjoyed watching them from our camp. Thank God for His faithfulness of renewing every morning and letting us start again every day. He reminds me that man-made anything is nothing compared to what He can do with his pinky and that He is always in control.  Anxiety, worries, stress...these are just distractions to make us think something else is in control, but the truth prevails no matter what the outside looks like and we can stand firm on that truth no matter what comes.
The sunrise greeted us.

Ok, so you can't tell, but we watched humpback whales for hours.

Camp fires are a favorite of ours!

Our favorite camping pastime.

Room with a view!


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