Big Things, Small Packages

We have a dear friend in town this week, he's here on business, so not too much fun to be had. However, he did bring us the most wonderful gifts EVER! There were a few things we've been dearly missing since moving to Brissy, and it was seriously like Christmas when he came over!
First, black beans. Yep, good ol' canned black beans that I use in so many recipes including our favorite salsa. Can't find them anywhere here, so he loaded up his poor suitcase with canned-goods. Second, taffy-the kinds that makes you laugh and the salt-water kind, so delicious and we're so excited to share with our small group from church who think we're trying to say 'toffy' but we're not and they don't understand the concept of 'taffy.' Third, Advil, can't live without it, and it came just in time for Ben's sprained ankle yesterday. Fourth, dry ranch packs. Like the black beans, I used this in so many recipes and the ranch here tastes like complete awfulness. Fifth, hookah/shisha tobacco. Seriously, we needed this badly. It is insane how expensive it is here, so when he unloaded some tins of our favorite StarBuzz brand...I think we heard choirs and sunshine music floating in the room.

 However, the final item was my most beloved and favorite. I seriously almost ordered some from e-bay as I was getting desperate and use it almost daily, especially with all the running/training I've been doing recently. I was completely dumbfounded when I casually asked where I could pick up some cinnamon gum and people looked at me like I was crazy and gross. They had never heard of it. NEVER HEARD OF IT?! I was so very lucky and found one small pack of Big Red at a local IGA that carries a specialty section of  'International Lollies' (aka: candies). I paid $5 for it, not even joking. $5 for a pack of gum. I really did this. I'm not proud, but I was so excited about it! So when Eric handed over multiple packs in multiple brands, I just about fell over. It's not normal to get this excited over chewing gum, I'm aware of that. There are just a few of those things that still bring out childish excitment in me and cinnamon chewing gum is one of those things. I guess I had not realized it until now. I didn't even realize it was something I used so frequently. If someone had asked me what my favorite things were, 'gum' would not have even made the top ten cut before. It does now! I've never been faced with the delima of not being able to find it. I'll try not to take it for granted anymore. So wonderful it is...


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