Joker One

Bookshelf Review for March!

Another memoir of course. I think I might take a break and read an old classic favorite next month on our trip to NZ, but I just picked up another memoir gem tonight, so we'll see how much 'down-time' between climbing mountains and adventure sports we'll have.

Joker One by Donovan Campbell.
It was good, not the best book I've ever read, but good and worth reading for sure, regardless of your view on war, this war, that war, a future war...this is real life, we need to hear these stories, they need to be close to our hearts because these are our men, our fathers, brothers and our sons.
There wasn't anything I disliked about it. This is a true story, this is what really happened, (and is still happening) some of these men really died, they really fought and still fight for the freedom I have to even write on this blog.
I would recommend this book, it's a great picture of some pretty amazing and heroic men. I don't care if you're completely anti-war and hate President Bush, these men fight for you too and deserve your respect and admiration.
"A good portion of the city's residents hated us just for being American, and a smaller but still sizable chunk of them actively tried to kill us every day. Why would anyone want to risk his life to help these people? How could anyone love them? What does it really mean to love? ... For my men, love was expressed in the only currency that mattered in combat: action–a consistent pattern running throughout the large and the small, a pattern of sacrifice that reinforced the idea that we all cared more for the other than we did for ourselves. For them, love was about deeds, not words..."

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