A new favorite of mine!
I absolutely adore this non-alcholic 'beer' of ginger. Compared to 'Root-beer' in the States, only superbly delicious! Seriously, I can't get enough of it! It's like drinking a crisp, refreshing breeze on a hot day. Ginger is one of my most-favorite flavors of all time, so I suppose that helps the obsession along. I enjoy ginger sweet or savory and putting it into this pleasant carbonated beverage is pure genius!
(Please, PLEASE do not tell me it's like 'Vernors' because it is not. yuck. It's a gazillion times better!)
Also, do I really need to tell you how perfect the packaging is? Even if the taste wasn't everything you dreamed of, which it is, I would have bought it for the bottle.
(Of course I buy books by the cover, that's why I design book covers!)
It's the perfect 'throw-back' tribute as well as keeping up with the modern-vintage that, yes has been overused, but yes, I still am drawn to again and again! I'm not sure if you can purchase this refreshing loveliness in the US, but  if you can find it, grab two!
Let's face it, the people at BundAberg sure know how to do it!


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