Castaway Kid

Still on the memoir kick...

"Castaway Kid" by R.B. Mitchell was a recent gem. 

When we don't know the exact dynamics of government programs, yet think they're just fine, we mis-lead ourselves. We find ourselves judging bad behavior in kids because we think they should act a certain way, when really, we have no clue about their situation. Have you ever wondered why a parent doesn't control a juvenile delinquent who terrorized the neighborhood? Or why a screaming child on a plane isn't taken care of immediately? Have you noticed the media is crammed full of stories of 'bullies' at school and how 'these bad kids' affect the personalities and behavior of the 'good kids?' Have you ever looked beyond your selfish annoyance and fear to find out the source of the issue? What makes these 'bad kids' do the things they do? Is it really their personalities? Is it their conditioning? Is it the negligence in their lives? Maybe it's a bit of everything. This book will make you ask yourself those questions. 

It reminds me of a recent lesson in Eastern thought. (not that this has anything whatsoever to do with the book, but this is a random thoughts blog, remember?) 
Two people were asked the question: 'What is the main reason for juvenile delinquency?' 
The one from a western culture answered 'The parents.' 
simple and true. 
The one from an eastern culture answered. 'If dad eats raw onions and mom chews on garlic, don't expect the child's breath to smell good.'
hmmm, the same exact question, the same exact answer. Which one sticks with you more? Which one makes you think a bit longer? Which one paints a picture in your brain? 
This book will take you through the author's personal journey. It's not the worst life story you've ever read, it's not the best, but it's his, and he's allowing you to look into it, if you want. It will allow you to relate your own childhood as well as remember kids you knew who were in his situation as well. I hope it inspires you to look at your own attitude towards children/kids/teens/adults who may have reasons for acting the way they do as well as check what values and awareness you're instilling in your own children. 


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