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I hate politics. I do 'my part' to vote, but don't get involved, don't protest, don't sign petitions...some people are called to those things, I think that's great. I'm not one of those people. Fox News makes me want to pull my ears off my head 90% of the time, but 10% of it I love. I tend to vote republican, but am not straight ticket. I get annoyed when people try to talk to to me about politics, especially when they're not from America, and pretend to know what they're talking about because they listened to some biased radio show. I stick to the sidelines of most issues, love God, love others is my calling, plain and simple. We're told to respect the authority God has granted the position to, and I feel that includes honoring decisions and not bad-mouthing that same authority. However, all this said, I also am 'for the people' so to speak. I'm for fighting at any cost to grant freedom to people (why I appreciate 'gasp' what's happening in Egypt, why I was for us invading Iraq, why I wish we would have gone into WW2 much sooner than we had, why I wish we would have gone into Rwanda, why I wish we would go into Sudan...of course all of these things will have drastic effects which we cannot control, but we can control injustice of a people-group, it's the duty of humanity).


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  1. i like the illustration! especially all the heads in the sand.

    - erin


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