I fell in love with this product years ago. I waited until it went on sale because that has, and always will be, my shopping philosophy. I cannot buy anything full-price without feeling like I sold my soul. However, this thing NEVER goes on sale and if you find it does, pick me up a dozen! So, I gave in and I'm proud to report I don't feel bad about giving in. It is everything it promises and more. I wear it daily. I work out in it. I wash/dry it with no damage done. I don't have to worry about my hair, I can run errands in it, I can hike, walk, bike, run in it and I feel good in it.

Buff has become that pair of comfy sweats to me. Something I wouldn't necessarily want people to associate with me, but it's part of who I am now. It would be easy to make, if found the right material, and I'm sure that's something I'll do when we move and I have a sewing machine again...but I don't even mind the over-priced aspect of it, it's just that wonderful. Plus, they have pretty fantastic advertising and graphics on their website and videos. Check it. So creative...I wonder if they have any job openings...You should try it. It's pretty amazing original, multi-functional headwear.


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