Peace Out!

So, we're going to see that new Green baby this weekend, I'm so very excited. It snowed here this week and I remember why I was so ready to run far-far away from here. It's been good to see Ben, but this chapter in our lives has been closed for quite sometime and we're both ready. We've been counting down the days, and after a couple false alarms of 'those guys' trying to extend Ben once again, we are leaving Friday morning for the airport and not looking back. For Ben's birthday, we spent some time in Canmore (sorry, we didn't see Brad and Angelina) and Banff one last time. We both enjoy Jasper National Park the best because the wild-life is everywhere and there aren't as many tourists. Banff however, has better accommodations and being the snowy off-season, we thought we wouldn't chance it in a tent this time. It was nice to just relax and enjoy it, not worrying about hiking in bear country, getting stuck in snow-storms or getting lost by a glacier. All fun things, but sometimes it's good to just relax. I had forgotten that Banff goes the extra mile to protect the Caribou and other wild-life by installing a fence that runs along both sides of the highway, making it impossible to see anything, but also impossible to hit anything. In order to not influence their migration patterns, they have built 'bridges' to cross the highway and planted grass and trees on top of them so the animals can find their way safely to the other side. I understand why they do it, but do you see now why we appreciate Jasper more? Less 'touched' by humans. We also felt like we were in Jurassic Park every time we wanted to venture 'beyond the fence' and I was worried a grizzly was just waiting on the other side for us to cross. A fun trip, and a good way to close the chapter, officially.

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