Sugar and Spice are so NOT Nice!

Here we go again...I'm not great with the pregnancy thing. I truly envy women who enjoy the experience, the changing body, the growing baby, the emotional labor...I don't 'enjoy' any of it. It's a means to an end for me and if I could truly have a stork delivery a baby at my door, I would choose that method every time. I don't enjoy the months and months of morning sickness, feeling like I'm the size of a house and all that encompasses-difficulty breathing, getting up, exercising, carrying around a toddler; I don't enjoy the kicks that bruise my belly and make me feel like I'm walking around with broken ribs, the nightly leg-cramps, the heartburn that makes me want to suck on a fire extinguisher...but I do enjoy the baby and that's what I'm excited about.
I don't know why, oh why, I ever thought this pregnancy would be any different than the last...maybe because nearly every other mother out there has told me it would be different, or maybe it is one of those hormone things that you truly forget what it was like and it sounds like such a great idea until you realize it's too late to go back now.
So as I ventured into my third tri-mester with Bina, I enjoyed the extremely glamorous symptoms of pre-eclempsia up until 37 weeks when I had to be induced because my body just couldn't handle it anymore. And now, as I venture into this tri-mester, I'm once again granted privileged access into that 5% club with gestational diabetes...thanks Grandma! It's quite annoying really...being a vegetarian and living a healthy lifestyle, to be told things like 'this can be caused due to current extreme obesity and poor exercise' or 'your baby will probably be a giant throughout his/her life, including at birth' or 'this will most likely cause real diabetes within the next 10 years'...yadda yadda yadda. Awesome. So now I have the opportunity to once again embark on weekly appointments, zillions of tests, medication via mouth and needle and oh yeah, the high risk of it triggering other things such as pre-eclempsia...hmmm, I think I may have heard of that before. All to top it off, I get to take my diet to the next level of vegan, but not just regular vegan...but gluten-free, carb-free vegan. No Dairy. No fruit. No bread. No refined anything. No sweets. No fun!
Ok, so this isn't a bad thing, and I know plenty of vegans who completely enjoy (or falsely claim to enjoy to make themselves feel better) the lifestyle...but really? Really? Can't this be a decision I make on my own, in the future, after this whole bothersome pregnancy thing...isn't this the 'only time in my life when I don't have to worry about what I eat' phase of pregnancy that I actually do enjoy? Sigh. Seriously, who has time for this? I'm married to a carnivore and have a toddler who won't eat the same thing twice...let's throw a totally new vegan diet into the mix and see how it all pans out shall we?
Ok, I'll get over it and I'm sure I'll be grateful for the healthy lifestyle it will force me to develop, but for now, I'm just going to boo-hoo over it a little more and drool inappropriately at every pregnant woman eating ice-cream I see.

Bina - 15 Months


  1. Anonymous7/08/2013

    Oh Laura, I feel so badly for you. And am now positive it was a good idea to postpone my visit. I'll be praying for you and the baby, thanks for sharing. On a happier note, your pictures of Bina are adorable! She looks great. I miss her so much! Hang in there! You have a lot of family supporting you as best we can from afar! If it will help you, I'll even commit to eating only what you can eat! Love you, Skins

  2. Congrats on baby #2! Sorry to hear the pregnancy thing is no more fun the second time Growing awesome little babies is not an easy job, I'm sure. Good luck with your final trimester, praying everything goes smoothly with the delivery! :)


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