Look who turned one!
What a year it's been...and how fast has it flown by?! We can't imagine our lives without our little Bina and we're excited for our family to keep growing soon. Sooo many people talk about how much their lives change and what an adjustment having children maybe we'll find that with number two. So far, Bina has blessed us more than we can ever have imagined, and yet, nothing has really changed for us. We still do everything we love, we just have another member of our unit to make it that much more fun and challenging. We travel, we camp, we go out, we fly overseas, we hike, we swim, we see friends, we go to church, we do our daily routine...all with the blessing of one extra little person. It's truly been wonderful. I'm not saying she's tearless...and teething molars make for some extra-painful moments, but she's really been a joy for us and I thank God everyday for creating such a beautiful creation and allowing us the privilege of knowing her.


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