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Whirlwind of Fun!
So we’re back in Australia, back to work, back to routine. Back to counting down the days until our little bub joins our family. Our due date has been bumped up a week, so it is now March 26th instead of April 1st. So let’s hope he/she doesn’t play a trick on us by waiting until April Fools! The hot weather and humidity makes for some very attractive swelling and puffiness and I can’t really remember what my ankles/feet are supposed to look like, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t look like giant marshmallows before. 
Our break was fantastic, even without any monster snowstorms this year. We were so blessed to see friends and family, even if it was just for a fleeting moment. We missed out on many, which is always sad, but I can’t downplay how great it was to just be home for a bit.
I wanted to give a shout-out to some extra special sisters who really went above and beyond for us.
Having Ang and Allie all the way from Israel and Massachusetts for Christmas was fantastic. Traveling is not easy, especially during Christmas and I’m so grateful we could all be together. Catching up a bit and enjoying some relaxing time together was ideal.

Having LaNee host and entertain the entire Barlow family for a week and then Ben and I again on our way back to Australia while she is 9+ months pregnant and ready to deliver at any moment…wow, props to her! I couldn’t do it. Not to mention her hubs, brother Josh, just returned from Afghanistan…I would be screaming for some alone-time and down-time and self-time and nesting-time and all those things that she graciously sacrificed.  

Paula. I mean, she’s not busy is she? 3 kids aged 1, 3 and 5, kindergarten, extra-curricular, car-pools, Church, Bible studies, small-groups, an on-call surgeon-husband, 2 pets including our crazy dog Meeko, muddy weather, germs/illness, Christmas gatherings, New Year’s gatherings, family gatherings, groceries, laundry, cleaning, cooking…seriously, not busy at all. To top of all of that, she organizes and hosts a baby shower for me! How wonderful she is and how grateful I am for her!

The shower was perfect. It was so great being surrounded by close friends and family and just having their support for Ben and I was beyond words. Prayers and blessings were spoken over our bundle and we’re beyond grateful knowing the love that engulfs us. We received an abundance of amazing gifts and it was such a special time for me.
What a whirlwind, but so totally worth it!


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  1. yay for good family time-so glad you got to see your family and have a fun shower. You should post pictures of your nursery or your fun baby gifts. I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy and the birth when Bub gets here! Thank you SO SO MUCH for the gift card. You did not have to do that. You are amazing!!!


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