Pebbles in the Road

This was a real tear-jerker.

(Good thing I finished it on the plane to Brisbane...of course that's not awkward, watching a largely pregnant woman crying her eyes out on an international flight.)

Starting the year off with yet another memoir, this was exciting for me in so many ways!

First, I personally know the author. She is vibrant and wonderful and an absolute joy to be around. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone like Ryll. Her story is tragic, really, yet she lives each day as a gift and knows how to laugh and enjoy the little moments. She makes you feel like you've been her friend for years the first time you meet her. Her real story is not yet complete, her book is just a glimpse into her journey.
Second, her book takes place right here in Brisbane and it's so exciting to see photos and read stories about places I walk by, places we visit and places we're coming to know and love.
Her story is one that's been long awaited and her writing style is true to herself.
Pick up a copy and see for yourself. Check out her website here for some nuggets.
We can all learn a lot from Ryll. We can learn to choose to not play a victim role, but choose to move forward and make things happen for ourselves.

On another note - Ryll's husband, Wayne, was hit by a car last Friday and had to undergo some major hip-repair surgery and will be enduring some intensive and painful therapy. Please keep both of them in your prayers.


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