A Little Homesick

There are times when I get a little homesick. Times when I miss the lazy, barefoot days of summers in Michigan, enjoying fireflies, stars and crickets by night and the great lakes, backyard picnics and family fun by day. So when I first saw this article, a bout of home-sickness flooded in. So many memories on the shores of Lake Michigan with family and cousins. This is the place I call home. I hope someday other Michiganders will learn to appreciate the beauty and majestic nature of the grand state they live in and try to stop seeing only mud with their rants and complaints of a bad economy. It's easy to take for granted something you live in, or see everyday. This article helped me remember to stop and smell the roses, even for just a moment, appreciate where I came from and be thankful for the life God has granted me.
Thank you God, for my roots.


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