Birds of a Feather...

They're pretty, they're tropical, they make me think of warm beaches and cool breezes. I used to love parrots. These amazing birds remind me that we're living in an incredible place right now. The fact that they visit our patio on a daily basis used to make me smile, I used to welcome the sight of them during our summer months here...until now.

We don't feed them, we don't give them any incentive to visit, but they won't go away. Every morning they startle me awake with ear-shattering screams. No, these are not cute bird-whistles that remind you of the musical lyrics in 'Sleeping Beauty,' rather squalking screams that make you feel a velociraptor is attacking your pillow. How can something so piercing come from something so small? These are the questions I ask myself, these are the days I've been missing Meeko and Sprinkles the most

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