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Happy New Years! Hope you all have enjoyed your holidays and were able to get some relaxing time in to celebrate the season, now it's back to work! A new year brings new resolutions. One of my resolutions was to get my online store ready. It's been a slow work-in-progress, but I've narrowed it down to what I've been requested for the most over the past few years for design. I will continue to add new things each week, so remember to check back often! Also, there are a few designers connected who looking for great projects, so feel free to bombard our store with requests!
So welcome 2011, I'm up and running. Sort of. At least a few things are online now for your purchasing pleasure! Doodle Train has opened their storefront with etsy, a great site! Throughout the next couple of weeks I'll be adding many more products to the site. Handmade items won't be available in the US due to shipping costs at the moment, but feel free to browse through all the digital supplies, including digital scrapbooking kits, birth announcements, invitations and more! If you have any custom orders, feel free to send an e-mail detailing your requests to doodletraindesigns@gmail.com. This is a great place to get quick results if you're in a hurry and be able to work directly with designers to get just what you want while by-passing large agencies who charge outrageous hourly rates! Also, if you're interested in putting some of your own designs in the shop, let me know!
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