Data Data Data

There are incredibly amazing things here in our new land of Brisbane, Australia. I will jot them down on another day.

There are oh-so-many things that are driving me absolutely nuts living in a new place. I'm sure over the months, I'll be updating you on each of those things, but to start out, let's begin with the internet. Oh dear internet, why do you hate Australians so? Why do you cost a paycheck and why, oh why, do you have this ridiculous thing called 'data?' Isn't the internet a plethora of everything? How can it be regulated so you only can do so much before it expires? How does the internet expire? I'm so very confused, annoyed and frustrated with it all. Hopefully when we move into our new place next month, we'll be able to find our own provider that customs a plan to what we need, aka: unlimited access to everything all the time. Doesn't the internet realize I can only communicate with close friends and family through itself? Doesn't it realize I need to look at facebook photo albums and e-mail and skype and google chat to pretend I don't live across the world, in a different hemisphere on a different day in order to maintain a healthy perspective? It should know all these things. It should not count google-searching as part of data. This is normal, and the only way we can look up things to do here, find maps on how to get there and educate ourselves on this new world of ours. It should not count facebook page clicks, uploading anything, or downloading anything important as 'data'. The internet is smart, it should know if I'm uploading a resume, it is important and shouldn't count towards my limited data usage. I don't download things I don't need on a daily basis, only important things for freelance work. I don't view movies, music or other random things (well, at least I haven't done any of that here yet), so why does my data run out?  I have some great home videos that none of you would be interested in viewing, but they're important for me to post, so that should not count towards my data. Why do I have to pay for more data? What the heck is data? Someone please explain. Does this mean I've merely taken advantage of it all these years? Perhaps. But come-on. This is 2010. This is a modern country. This is the age of free-wireless in restaurants and even gas stations. I need this little situation fixed pronto. Basically I need every country to be like the U.S. in terms of internet availability. So, I'm getting a bit patriotic...guess that happens when you move across the world. I better upload this because my 'data' is running low again. This internet is a Goonie!


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