Bundle of pure JOY!

There is no greater title on earth than being an aunt, it is one of God's greatest gifts. I absolutely adore my niece and nephew. They are the reasons I dreadfully miss 'home'~wherever that may be, it is where they are. My sister is the greatest mum on earth. I don't know how she does it all, after just a few hours I'm completely exhausted. She continues 24 hours a day, with zero break. To add to this joyful madness, she recently had her third baby. Hooray!!! Baby Lauren Joy was born on October 27th. She is precious and perfect. Not a flaw. She is so peaceful and alert, and already seemed used to her siblings bouncing around her. I am so grateful to have been able to make it home a couple days after her birth to spend some time as her new Auntie, even if just for a moment. I think she will live up to her name of beautiful happiness. Congrats to the entire Green family on their new bundle of joy!

I worked on a few mock-announcements for her, many are on my website. Paula too, is very creative and created a beautiful announcement of her own. Look for it in the mail if you're a personal friend!

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