So, we've been busy. Still no word on our next move...SURPRISE! So we have to plan accordingly to knowing exactly nothing. Lots of packing, organizing and cleaning. It's never ending really. We did enjoy a long week in the mountains for one last experience, pictures to follow...eventually. The movers come on Friday to move our stuff to semi-permanent storage in Marshall, MI. Ben and I will move to a small apt in Ft. Sask. until further notice of his job. I'll be heading home next week to enjoy time with my family. I'm so excited to spend a week at Camp Barakel volunteering with Grandma Fish for 'His-ability' week. Such a special place for me as that's where I met my wonderful husband and where I found God. To complete my summer-of-a-lifetime package, I now get to enjoy it with my grandmother. So exciting! I'm also in the midst of planning our high-school reunion. Yep, ten years have flown by. Just hoping the weather holds as it's a picnic-style campground gathering. Here are some of the designs that I worked on for the t-shirts. The 'final' design is omitted, so it will be a surprise. :)


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