Ghost Stories

I've always been a bit obsessed with ghost stories, scary stories, real-life stories, any story. I love it all. My favorite television shows as a kid were the 'X-Files' and 'Unsolved Mysteries.' Partly because we never had cable and that was all that was on, partly because it was something I could enjoy with my dad; but mostly because I absolutely loved the idea of something I could not explain away with a science book or encyclopedia. Do I believe in ghosts? Of course. Does that make me crazy? Probably. I also believe in God, demons, angels, spirits, and souls. Some people don't believe in anything, does that make them crazy? Probably. It doesn't matter. Ghost stories have been around since the beginning of time, I'm sure even Adam and Eve sounded like they were telling tales over a fire as they explained to their great grand-children how a beautiful, graceful creature with scales and limbs intoxicated Eve with it's velvety, seductive voice before revealing its true nature. I guess I've been thinking about ghost stories more lately because we've been experiencing a ridiculous amount of rain and dreariness here; that, on top of our four black bear encounters last weekend in the mountains will pretty much get my blood flowing with creative imagination. So I'm off to my writing world. Perhaps I'll post some of what I've written, or not. Sometimes it's just an outlet. I snapped this photo in Israel. It could have been taken anywhere. You probably have one like it, maybe a picture in your mind of an attic that frightened you as a child, a staircase at a grandparent's house that led to the cellar...we all have our ghost stories, some more real than others. What's yours? Write it down someday.


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