What's the Latest?

Well, we're still alive! There is just too much to catch up on that we've been up to over the last year, but here's the gist of what we might include in a super personal up-to-date Christmas letter that we never have done:
We still live in Abu Dhabi.
We spent Christmas here alone in the desert with starry nights, full-moons and camels; so of course it didn't 'feel' like Christmas to us, how ironic is that? Oh well, memories for the girls.
We're having baby number three in April.
We're trying to plan a trip back to Michigan in July.
We've all acclimated by now and wear jackets and long pants in this 85 degree weather and the girls say they're 'cold' all the time. ooooh kids, don't you remember just a couple months ago when it was 125 degrees with 95% humidity?! I'm not looking forward to that again...
I've been super busy with the kIDlets business, as well as numerous non-profit freelance projects for ministries across Abu Dhabi, when I have time (cough, cough) I'll let you know all about them. :)
Ben's job is going well.
Bina is in pre-school and will start kindergarten next September. Her favorite things are anything from 'Frozen', arts and crafts, riding her bike, playing outside and being extra sweet to her new 'baby' in mummy's tummy. She's sensitive and shy, but when she opens up she's a total goofball with a contagious laugh and excitement.
Brielle is my tag-along and is high spirited, outgoing, funny, a complete tom-boy, loves trains and dinosaurs and dressing up in this obnoxious princess dress every day. She's obsessed with necklaces and climbing, well, anything.
That's it from our end!


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