I just wanted to let you all know a new venture I’m starting...

The short story
I’m helping a friend start a small business and we would love your help spreading the news. We are trying to be good stewards of our finances so we are crowd-funding the business. This way, we will raise the funding we need to proceed moving the business forward with customers who are interested in the product itself. If there is no interest, then we will have a better understanding of our demand and will start over with a fresh approach.  Please have a look at our crowd-funding project located at Kickstarter for a video describing our company kIDlets as well as details as how the money will be used. We cannot go forward with the small business without support.
The long story
What is it?
The product is called kIDlets, or kids ID bracelets. They are small, colorful, silicone bands that fit itty bitty toddler wrists and are engraved with child’s names and the guardian’s phone number. If Bina wanders off at Cedar Point, she can’t tell a person who finds her what her mom’s phone number is, and she probably will be too shy to even say her name. Seconds, that feel like hours or days, may be spent in search of her, yet with a kIDlet bracelet, all could be avoided by a simple phone call. When kIDlets become mainstream, we will be notifying authorities of what they are and what to look for, as well as schools and day cares. kIDlets are unique because of their extra small size and customization, each one is laser cut so there is no chance the name or number can be washed off or worn out. Similar products out there are either one-time use paper bracelets, or rather expensive and elaborate bracelets that are better utilized to notify of allergy or medication. They’re pretty trendy too, Bina loves her kIDlet bracelets!

How did this all happen?
Four years ago Ben and I moved to Brisbane and were connected in a fantastic small group at church immediately. We met a couple who have become our second family, the Snymans. Kirsten Snyman told me of a business idea she had 4 years ago and has since allowed the dream of kIDlets to unfold to the point where it is today. She is very passionate about the project and helping keep kids safe while maintaining some sort of peace of mind regarding keeping her children with proper identity on them at all times. It may sound silly, it did to me at first, but as I’ve come to realize, it’s a dire need. During school holidays the parks are overflowing with energetic, fun, loud, screaming children. For one second if I adjust Brielle in the stroller, I look up to find Bina off. She may be on a swing, or climbing a slide…99% of the time that is where she went. However, there is always the 1% chance that she followed a bicycle down a path because she liked the color of it. Or she chased a bird in the opposite direction of the park and as I’m looking in the playground, she is running further in the opposite direction into crowds of people. We also travel a lot and a quick dash in an airport from a toddler makes my heart stop. It’s scary, but I know I’m not the only mom who has felt these moments of panic.

Why and How am I personally involved?
As you may be wondering, how can I be involved in a small business in Australia yet continue to move with Bechtel to different countries? Or why would I even bother?  Very good questions. After having children of my own, I do see the need for a product such as kIDlets. I am supportive of Kirsten’s dream and have a desire to see her succeed. As a working mom of 2, she needed some help getting the business off the ground. While Kirsten will be the owner of the company, I will partner with her in keeping it going and supporting the company from wherever I am located. I am in charge of creative and marketing, so I will be keeping the website up to date and finding new ways to market the product  in Australia, the US and wherever we move, and all the itty bitty details that go along with that, the list is lengthy!  Finally, I am very passionate about our donation policy. kIDlets will be donating a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to the SheRescue home. This is an organization founded by our pastor’s wife, Leigh Ramsey. SheRescue rescues young women and girls from the sex-trafficking industry in Cambodia, places them in a secure home and educates them so they are able to make a living on their own when they become legal adults. I’m proud that kIDlets will be a permanent donor for the SheResuce home.
What would I ask of you?
I ask that you support our new small business, kIDlets. This can be done in so many ways and all are equally viable and appreciated, below are 3 examples of support we would love!
1. Financially support our business through our crowd-funding platform on Kickstarter
2. Spread the word! Let others who you think may be interested in our business know about it by passing along this information.
3. Prayer for wisdom and guidance in this venture for both Kirsten and myself.
Thanks again for your support!

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