10 Month Monster

Welcome to a brand new stage! Fun and adventurous, albeit I wasn't prepared for the changes just yet; a pre-toddler who tries to act like a toddler but has the physical and mental maturity of a baby...it must be equivalent to the pre-teen phase. This cheeky monster has quite the temper and has shown it full force this month. She's turned into a complete daddy's girl and doesn't care a lick about mom if he is in the room. Her teeth turn her into the occasional Jack-Jack from the Incredibles, being sweet, innocent and loving...when out of the blue insane bull-dog biting complete with lock-jaw has ensued on a finger, shoulder, arm, leg... She stands on everything and wants to move so bad. She has managed to walk around grabbing onto a couch, then the wall, then a table and being terribly frustrated when she runs out of things to help her move. Her favorite toys are anything that is not her toy: the TV, books, the bookshelf, anything in the kitchen, etc. She has not learned the art of sharing and is quite the bully among her baby-friends. It's all part of her journey though and I'm excited about all her milestones. She's such a joy, but is growing up too fast!


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  1. she is SO cute! sounds like she has a great little personality and is trying to learn how to voice everything. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to SAY what you are feeling/wanting, etc. I can totally relate to the Daddy's girl thing. It's hard for me AND for Jeff, who can't get a break unless I take Livi and hide somewhere so she can't see him! give Bina a kiss for me! xoxo


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