Cheeky Little Thing - 9 Months

Bina is 9 months old.
I don't know how that happened. Where did those nine months go?! Those pregnant 9 months felt like time stood still, or even went backward, but these past 9 months seem to have been a quick dream! She's doing great and is quite the character. She was dedicated to the Lord at church with two other of our friends who all had baby girls one month apart from each other. It's been a very special and supportive group for us and I'm so grateful God brought our community of families together. From starting together two years ago as just married couples, we now have 5 babies in the group and the 6th is due in February! Bina is very chatty and loves to be social. Two of her teeth fell back below the surface, but the four front just keep growing and growing, such the bunny! She gave up on crawling and now just wants to stand on everything, which means falling on everything, which means lots and lots of head-bumps. She is growing everyday and is such a great baby! We love taking her everywhere with us and we went camping on the beach a couple weekends back where she enjoyed her first real swim in the ocean. We can't imagine doing life without her, she is our complete joy!


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