7 Swans a Swimming

Bina turned 7 months already! Wow, seriously, no clue where the time is going. I haven't updated much of anything beyond small details about our precious cargo. Well, I suppose there will always be time later, (yeah right) in the meantime, here are more joyous pics of the bean. She cracked her third tooth and had her very first cold...making for one very, very long week...alas the weekend and again my gratefulness for Ben. More fun in the Australian sun and swimming lessons for this Miss, she's absolutely loving it, and getting along great with her two nannies. (one does Mon/Wed, the other does Tues/Thurs) Our next venture will be to try to get her swimming in the ocean, but she always drinks the water in the pool, so that will be a challenge. ;)


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  1. I just took a dip in her eyes :) She is so precious. I hope she's feeling better AND that you and Ben recovered after a hard week of teething and a cold. E-mail me :)


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