6 Months and a Happy Half-Birthday to You!

Look who turned 6 months a couple weeks back!

I've been completing (attempting to complete) her baby-book on a monthly basis when things are still new and fresh, so this is part of her 6-month spread. Her hair cracks me up, it looks just like Ben's, but he has to put some time and effort into it when she gets it all-natural! We had a marvelous vacation back to the States to visit the family, although it flew by so quickly! I'll be posting more pics on that later, but didn't want to leave you hanging in case you were dying to see how our baby looks almost identical to last month's pictures, with a few more ounces added. ;) 
Bina's rolling over like a champ now, getting caught in corners and spitting-up on the floor almost every time she's on her stomach. She's mastered the art of a new language, as you'll see, which is quite, um beautiful? We're getting back into a routine and organization as I will return to work the beginning of October and she will be left with two marvelous nannies.  I'm so very grateful she sleeps through the night and is eating everything put in front of her. I haven't tried any meats yet, but she's running out of things to try, (even most diary items) so I suppose that's next. People often ask if I will raise her as a vegetarian like myself. No. If she wants to be one when she gets older, that is fine. For now, she will eat meat and get her protein and growth just like her daddy. (can you say carnivore?) Also, I wouldn't want her to be the kid who can't enjoy hot-dogs at a friend's birthday party or always be thinking about food at a young age. I want her to love food, all kinds, and use it as a celebration of good life as God intended. Happy half-birthday Bina!


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  1. She is so stinkin' adorable! Her EYES!!! The roly poly video is awesome. She is a little mover. And I remember when Livi learned that same language :) Email me and tell me your thoughts and feelings about going back to work and tell me about you nannies. Enjoy these next couple of weeks! xoxo


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