How Embarrassing

Oh no....
So we don't want to be those parents who plop their kid down in front of the TV as a temporary babysitter in hopes of getting some things done around the house. We figured at home, we could use television/movies as a treat for Bina when she gets older, and not as something that's just a granted privilege for being a kid. Maybe have a family movie night. Maybe use it for a reward. I don't know, make her play outside? (unheard of these days right?) I remember not liking TV very much as a kid because we had 3 channels and I was the one who played the role of the 'remote control' for dad before the invention grew mainstream. Other than Mash on some week nights, Bugs Bunny on Saturdays, and later, way more mature shows like 'The Facts of Life', 'The Wonder Years' and re-runs of 'The Brady Bunch'...our television only boomed out baseball, football and the 6 o'clock news with Dan Rather...oh, and 'Dallas.'  (Don't worry Ma, I won't mention any daytime viewing that may or may not have occurred before you went back to work, hehe) My parents didn't get satellite until I was in high school when my time was consumed with athletics and I had a very awkward advertising course in uni when we were supposed to write some essays and do some designy stuff on famous mainstream commercials...I couldn't think of ANY! My roommate and I didn't have a TV at the time, so I couldn't use current commercials and all of this was before the era of high-speed internet where you could just 'Google' commercials, I almost failed the class. (Goodness, how old am I??) All of that to say, who knows how the whole TV thing will go with Bina, but even at 3 months, you can see how addictive it can be. How embarrassing, good thing no one saw her...oh, except for all of you! ;)


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