Beanie Baby

Here's Bina!

She's always super happy and wide awake in the morning, ready to start her day. I received a new phone from Ben for Mother's Day which includes video and a camera on it, so I'm working out some kinks and playing with the new gadget. Bina is so intrigued by the thing, once it gets her attention, she forgoes the smiles for the intensive stare. The original video was much more clear and not as jerky, but I'm working on that for the next ones...



  1. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I could eat her up! What a sweetie pie. More more! (who do you think she looks like? I can't decide.)

  2. Agreed, Terri!!!! More more more more!!!! She's precious, L - I can't wait to see her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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