That's a weird word, and one I didn't really think of at last week's appointment when it was mentioned in passing that I had really high blood pressure. Now I'm much more acutely aware of the definition. Well, we've made it this far, so it doesn't mean much other than our little one might be joining us a wee bit earlier than expected. No official word just yet, they want to wait until I'm at 37 weeks before they proceed and without any previous experience, we do what 'they' say with confidence.

The 37 week mark is in 5 days, so really not that far away....oh, and all of our things are in customs, and we don't have a single thing in the apartment except some free sample diapers sent to us, and I still have three weeks of work left and need to train my replacement and I haven't finished my baby-book reading yet and we have two parties to go to this, I really could be freaking out right now...just saying.

In the meantime, we play a waiting game. Could be next week, could be mid-late March. I'll get a good dose of weekly blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure tests and doctor appointments to top the weekly one I'm already committed to. Good grief, I have no idea how women do this who have non-felxible jobs. It would be absolutely impossible. Thank you Lord for such an understanding and amazing boss.

Well none of it is in our hands. Whatever happens, happens. We'll figure it out with a little granted grace. At least now I have a real excuse as to all the excessive bloating, weight gain, headaches, lack of sleep, etc. Oh, and at least Ben had his fun guys weekend this past weekend, because he won't be leaving my side any time soon.


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  1. hang in there! this is just the beginning of finding out that plans don't always follow through. but it doesn't matter, because how things turn out in reality end up better anyway :) i'll be thinking of you and i can't wait to see your little bud :)

    love you!


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