Knife, Fork, Spoon...Flower?

Yep, Spoonflower it is!
Check out this great site I discovered through a friend. It's so simple! It's a place where you can upload  your textile designs for free! You can purchase your fabric or even sell it to others. You can use it to print brand identity tags for sewing, fabric for items around the house, fabric for gifts to make others, etc...and they have contests on a weekly basis, how fun! I haven't gotten too far with it, but I have designed one collection for a small quilt I made. You can download specific color pallets so you know exactly what colors to use and from using that, the fabrics I received in the mail matched exactly to what I wanted. The pictures don't do it much justice, but trust me, they came out great, and they delivered to Australia! Not to mention the super cute packaging they arrived in.
A new love of mine. So much fun!
My collection.


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  1. whaaat! you can design your own fabric??? awesome! I am bookmarking that site! :) Your set looks amazing by the way.



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