One Long Journey!

Well, he did it!
They did it.
I'm super proud of my big ol' brother, Joel, for graduating from years and years and years of school to become one incredible surgeon.
AND I'm super proud of my sis for stickin' it out and keeping sane with three darlings at home and a husband on call for years at a time.
When it's all added up, Joel has spent 26 years of his life studying. That's amazing to me. They'll be moving on to do great and incredible things and I know they'll be making some good memories along the way.
Three kids, a strong marriage and a bright future of faith awaiting...what an inspiration!

Here's a look at the world's latest and greatest Dr. Joel Green, doesn't he just ooze of Grey's Anatomy Dr. McDreamy? :)
Love ya bro!


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