Life Without Limits-Grab the Tissues

Oh My.Word.

Ahhhhhhhh! This book is SOOOO good! and also SOOOO frustrating. I read it during my lunch-breaks at work and always was sniffling uncontrollably like an idiot. Sometimes, I hate books that make me think. Sometimes I just want to read a book that says, 'yep, you're pretty mediocre and that's're probably not great at anything, but you're alright at some things.' That would make life easier. Why do we have to try so hard to follow our dreams, why can't they just fall into our laps without work? Bah. I know it's about the journey, the picture, the pain that makes the answer stick and true appreciation set in. I get it. (do we all have Mylie Cyrus's annoying song in our heads yet?). I could quote pretty much every stinking page of this book, it's really that good, and that inspirational, and that positive. Wow. What a beautiful creation God made in Nick. His story is unlike any I've ever heard. He is simply and utterly amazing.
I'll be honest, the majority of the time I read anything 'inspirational' that is non-fiction, I throw it across the room and never finish it. Half the time it doesn't apply or isn't truthful or is something people don't need to hear. This book is truly amazing, super easy to read and there is something about the simplicity of it combined with his story that just makes you stop and think your life is really something to be appreciated and we can all stop crying over spilt milk, pull up our bootstraps and move forward.

"When you are confronted with hard times, tragedies, or challenges, instead of looking inward, look to those around you. Instead of feeling wounded and seeking pity, find someone with greater wounds and help them heal. Understand that your grief or pain is legitimate, but suffering is part of the human condition, and reaching out to someone else is a way of healing yourself while helping others heal too." Nick Vujicic


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