Well, I'm exhausted. I finished my first full week of work since last May. Don't be envious, I'm not. It drives me crazy not working and it wasn't all my fault. The flooding/evacuations did not help when I first started, but neither did the moving back from Canada, packing and re-packing and eventually moving to Australia, applying, interviewing, all that fun, (aka: awful) stuff. Someone at work said "The only people who think traveling is 'glamorous' are the people who don't often travel." How true those words ring for me.
So here we are, settled for the moment. I'll update you on 'my first day' later...I'm just glad to have made it this far. So, what have we been up to this month?
• We bought a luxurious 1998 VW Golf hatchback, navy blue. It's a standard, so learning to shift with the left hand on the opposite side of the road is...um, challenging/dangerous/stupid/a death wish.
• We enjoyed a great week with friends who stayed with us because their building had a couple mishaps during the flooding, but they were able to move back into their place this weekend.
• We finally received a Christmas package that family sent us over a month ago, so that was super exciting, for real, we jumped around like little kids!
• I've made a few sales on my DoodleTrain website, hooray!
Speaking of that, there are a couple of new things up this weekend. I was privileged to create a small birthday invitation for a dear friend this past week and the plus-side about having an online store is that I can merely place all the rejected comps up for sale. Don't fret, I changed the image to that of my modeling niece and nephew and didn't put any private information up. I'm excited to start another freelance logo project this weekend. One great thing about not working in graphic design at my job is that I have renewed my passion to work on projects when I'm at home. It's fun again. It no longer feels like more work at home on top of regular work at my job. Hooray! I'm trying to stay positive here.
(alright, cut me some slack, I'm still licking my wounds over selling out for better pay and a job that anyone could do...for everything there is a season right?)


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