Yep, I'm a sell-out. 
I needed a job and it was either full time with something completely unrelated to design that paid well, or trying out the corner part-time for some cash. I chose the first. I'll be doing random things everyday for twice my salary I had in Canada, so that, I cannot complain about. It will pay the bills in this crazy expensive land of OZ, as well as keep my ADD brain busy with lots of different tasks. Also, I will be working for Bechtel. 
What?! The same company Ben works for? Yep, the same one, just in a different office. The great thing about that is when they move us to another country in a couple years, they cannot complain about my leaving, as it's their fault. Also, if/when we move to a job in the future and I don't speak the language and minimum wage might be pennies, I can still work for Bechtel. Great! 
Ok, so maybe I'm just trying to convince myself. I'll give it a try anyway. 
So, in the meantime....
I need to stay updated with my design work, as 'use it or lose it' applies to skills and software programs that update near-daily. I do have some great freelance jobs that I love and I'm starting my online store at etsy and will have that up and running in the new year. However, if you have anything or know of anyone who needs anything done, let me know! I would love to work on something for you! 


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