Allie works at the Anglican International School, Jerusalem. Quaint and picturesque, the school is K-12 and filled with all sorts of ethnicities. 

We ventured out to a local park to "people-watch" and Anis and Allie treated us to an amazing Arab bbq, complete with a ridiculous amount of lahme (meat). Weather was perfect and when the grill came out, Ben was in his element. 

During the day, Allie gave us a local tour of the Old City. Here we were blessed to view the Wailing Wall, but being Shabbat, we could not take pictures. Not to worry as we'll be returning to Jerusalem with our tour group in a couple weeks. We also were able to venture on our own, creating stories on our way. We walked amidst tombs and catacombs, wondering about those once buried and wishing we had flashlights.

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