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So, what have we been up to since our tour started? Um, let's just say, we're making sure to get in shape, eat amazing food, meet incredible people and have a life changing experience. It's too overwhelming to even begin processing into words what we've experienced. I'll work on it for the future. In the meantime, I'll try to post some fun pictures from our adventure and fill in the details at another time. A general idea of why it's too difficult now is we wake between 5:30-6 AM and are on the road early. We hike trails, mountains, deserts, and wadis, being sure to brake every rule in the book regarding 'danger' signs and trespassing through barbed fences to get to the spot our rabbi needs to teach us. We never know where we're going and aren't allowed to ask, it's all part of the experience. We return to a hotel (I say 'a hotel' as it's different each night) around 8:00 PM, eat an amazing Israeli dinner, have amazing community for a bit and completely crash until we begin all over again the next morning. That's the mini version of even the nutshell. There is just so much.

We went to an Arab Bedouin community in the desert, meeting wonderful people who couldn't understand us, yet showed us true love through their hospitality.

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