Coloring Book Imagination

The other day a friend of mine showed me an artist who occasionally depicts children's drawings into more completed ideas. I thought this was a great idea and decided to give it a shot myself. I have a couple of drawings from my adorable nephew, Levi, that I decided to work with. Once completed, I began wondering if Levi pictured this when he originally drew a picture of me for Easter! Either way, it was a fun project to work with and I'll look forward to continuing in the future as long as I still get these magnificent pictures in the mail. Sometimes we need to take a break and open a coloring book to remind us of how using your creativity can really relieve stress. If your coloring book outlines were drawn by a 3 year old as mine were, than your imagination is limitless and new worlds abound just beyond the page. Don't forget to have fun with life, it's vital to your health.
Happy coloring~


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